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Monitoring System (Both PC and mobile software)

Wireless sensors are remotely installed to evaluate the situation on their fields / greenhouses / aqua-farms. These real-time data alerts help farmers to react with proper decision and action, and hence resources saving. Easy to setup.

Custom Selection Sensors

Autonomous Irrigation System

A system composed of wireless soil sensors and irrigation controllers. The system is pre-set with the correct irrigation amount and duration time, based on the plants’ water demand measured by sensors and farmer’s setting. This system is meant to help minimizing the human intervention which is error introduction.

Agriculture Weather Station

The integrated agriculture weather station can be customized by end user as their combination of preference, using our assorted sensors. This service innovatively offers agricultural field meteorological monitoring elements into a structure, realizes wireless technology and is equipped with a ~5W to 10W solar panel, which can ensure normal operation under continuous rainny or cloudy weather for consecutive 14 days. The overall design of the product adopts a modular approach that is very easy to combine or dismantle. Without anyone’s help, farmers / users can complete the installation of a set of weather station in a matter of seconds. These meteorological parameters hint you a sign of harvest or issue occured.

Warehouse (Silo) / Cattle Ranch / AquaFarm Monitoring System

Other than irrigation system, we also try to help other applications in farm. For example, cattle husbandry, livestock breeding or poultry monitoring terminal. It is used to measure data of temperature, humidity, light intensity, CO2 level, H2S level & ammonia concentration in livestock environment. We help to customize the software applications both in smartphone or PC. Users can directly download, analyze and record data from our server. 

Greenhouse / Canopy Applications

We help to construct a system for management of greenhouses. The system can monitor the temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters of the greenhouses such as sunlight level, soil moisture, water level, degree of evaporation, air & soil temperature, relative humidity, pH value, carbon dioxide, soil electroconductivity and salinaty. Various information from that of the system collected indicate the required irrigation time, the amount of irrigation, the concentration level of carbon dioxide, the hints of pests and diseases, etc. Of course users can setup their pre-alert level according to their data set, carry out automatic control of irrigation in a timely manner, as well as to control the operation of the greenhouse’s heat pump, fans, roller shutters, opening, closing blind and other related machinery. 

The application software provides the functions of monitoring, computing, forecasting, displaying graphically, and issuing command to control. Each measurement parameter can be dynamically monitored and the curve can be ploted and illustrated on mobile phone. The measured data can be downloaded and stored as user liked.

Tevatronic Tentiometer Installation