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Wireless Valve Controller


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The unit (WVC01) connects to the DC latch solenoid of the hydraulic valve and a flow-meter. It can control both water flow or fertilizer flow.
In case the wireless controller is required to trigger external system, we need to convert the electrical pulse to the solenoid into dry contact pulse. A relay can be provided in such a case. Utilization example: triggering water pump from reservoir, triggering on and off state on the external controller.
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Wireless Valve Controller Product Specifications:

Size 6cm (W), 2.5cm (D), Variable Height
Operating Temperature 1°C – 60°C
Storage 10-60℃ @ 20% to 90% RH
Power Source 2 pcs D-Type @ 3V DC
Power Consumption 0.7mAh
Battery Life 2-3 years
Pulse duration 40msec
Pulse voltage 24 VDC
Transmission Range Up to 200m direct LoS from the gateway
Transmission Frequency 434 MHz (ISM Band)
Transmission Recurrence Every 10sec in a sleep mode
Housing Material ABS
IP rating IP64


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