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Wireless Low-power Tensiometer


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The unit (WT01) is installed near the root of a sampled plant. It senses and transmits data on the soil water potential – “tension” value, measured in “centi bars” (cBar). This data is converted to a chart and can be reviewed by the end user in realtime. High tension value defined by the user can trigger alert in to the user via smartphone app or email. All the sensors data is accessible in realtime by the end user via smartphone or PC.
In case the tensionmeter is installed in soil exposed to a direct sunlight, the device can be protected by the patent pending thermal protection sleeve.
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Wireless Tensiometer Product Specifications:

Size: 6 cm (W), 2.5 cm (D), Variable height
Net Weight: ~ 600g
Operating Temperature: 1°C – 60°C
Storage: 10 – 60℃ @ 20%-90%RH
Power and consumption: 2 batteries, 3V DC @ 0.4mAh
Batteries Type: C-type (1.5V DC)
Battery Life: 2-3 years
Housing: Aluminum, ABS /w probe in ceramics
Transmission Range: Up to 1km direct LoS to the Gateway


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