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Wireless Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor


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The unit (WATH01) is designed to be usually used in a greenhouse/canopy.
It transmits frequent data on the air temperature and humidity value in the place where the unit is installed. This data is converted to a graph or a table and can be reviewed by the end user in realtime by the user via smartphone or PC.
High temperature or humidity values defined by the user can trigger alert in to the user via smartphone app or email.
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Size 9cm (W), 6.5cm (D), 20cm (H)
Power 2 pcs C-Type @ 1.5 VDC
Power Consumption 0.6mAh
Battery Life ~1 year
Transmission Range Up to 200m direct LoS to the Gateway
Transmission Frequency 434 MHz (ISM Band)
Transmission Recurrence 15 min
Measurement Range -10°C until +60°C


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