Digital Weather Station

Water and sunlight are essential to crops. Either little or excess of them would not do good to crops. The environment factors are also crucial to their growth and yield. For example, storms or frost (spring or fall) can wreak havoc. We propose to self-build a low cost modern digital weather station that is of a necessity for every farmer local reliable data log of their own. As time goes on, the data set provides precaution measure as well as knowledge base along with their farming journey.

A basic weather station is suggested to include five types of sensors: atmospheric, rain, humidity, temperature & soil sensors. Inside a greenhouse, you might incorporate with a light and UV sensors. These sensors collect real-time data and transfer it to cloud base, at the end these data will be converted to visual graphs for farmers’ interpretation and then take corresponding action. For example, the rain sensor measures volume of rainfall, while plant leaf sensor measures evapotranspiration of crops and also the light sensor will tell you what is the light intensity in luminosity of the ambient environment. These data provide useful information & foresight.

It is time for you to get your weather station.