Digital Farming

Digital farming is the key initiatives of going into precision agriculture. In large farms, like those of national scale or multi-national corporate owned farm, they transitioned or have already gone into digital farming for awhile. In contrast many small and medium scale or family farms, they are either not starting or have just started this action. We hope to enlighten the latter group of farmers about digital farming.

Simply to say, the incentives for farmers to go for digital farming is to increase productivity and reduce unnecessary input. For examples, imagine that farmers can sit inside comfortable air-conditioned rooms to operate their irrigation system. Automation processes (applying fertilizer and spraying pesticide) all depend on digital data, like when to apply and how much to apply? Perhaps this could be the motive to cut short of relying on labor. Going digital also helping you to build up your knowledge base and it can be easily integrated into e-commerce platform. In addition, with data integrity, food safety system can be implemented. With all these data made available, you are not only easily to have traceability, but also be able to implement preventive management in your farming activities. This actually helps you in enhancement of logistic flow and product distribution. One more advantage for senior farmers is that their data set can be used for exiting their career, where new comers come and buy out their business, the data set can provide a lot better references as succeeding their farms.

To achieve digital farming, first of all, we need to find a physical place to store your data. So you’ll need to establish your storage. Second, you need to deploy sensors so that you can start to quantify some physical parameters. Of course you could create the data thru your routine activities.

To be continued…………