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University of New South Wales develops robotic ‘snake’ device that can grip and pick up objects

University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney researchers are exploring ways of handling delicate objects. Their soft fabric robotic gripper behaves like an elephant’s trunk to grasp, pick up and release objects without breaking them. According to the researchers, this technology could be widely applied in sectors where fragile objects are handled, such as agriculture, food and the scientific…

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Digital Weather Station

Water and sunlight are essential to crops. Either little or excess of them would not do good to crops. The environment factors are also crucial to their growth and yield. For example, storms or frost (spring or fall) can wreak havoc. We propose to self-build a low cost modern digital weather station that is of a necessity for every…

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Digital Farming

Digital farming is the key initiatives of going into precision agriculture. In large farms, like those of national scale or multi-national corporate owned farm, they transitioned or have already gone into digital farming for awhile. In contrast many small and medium scale or family farms, they are either not starting or have just started this action. We hope to…

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BRIEF: Chinese tech giant pumps $85m into farm produce platform

March 22, 2020 Jack Ellis Wangjiahuan, a Chinese B2B portal for agricultural produce, has raised 600 million RMB ($85 million) in a funding round led by ‘super app’ Meituan Dianping. A Meituan spokesperson confirmed its investment in Wangjiahuan to AFN. Based in Shenzhen, Wangjiahuan is one of several farm-to-business (F2B) ecommerce platforms competing in the Chinese market. Its rivals…

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