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Ag IoT Technology

Focus on Intelligent Farming

Let Us Quantify the Parameters of Farming

Scientific, Accurate, Intelligent & Productive


A System Block Diagram of Agri-farming

Keep An Eye on Your Farm From Anywhere

With our integrated solutions of wirelessly connected hardware and intelligent control system, our clients can monitor their farms and optimize their operations from anywhere – Scientific Monitoring, Insightful Decision.

Why Choose Us

Small Investment, Big Value & Big Return


Farmers constantly streamline their operation, mitigate potential catastrophe, maximize yield &
Farmers need to monitor too many things in a farm (crop, aquatic, cattle, ranch or poultry)​


Fully wireless sensors and control system (off the shelf / custom-made)​
Easy to install & use​
Minimum maintenance​
Easy to relocate​
Affordable price​


Farmers gain more insight​
New comers have more confidence based on data​
Build up quantifiable knowledge database​
Process Optimization (save cost, increase yield)​
Catch problem before issues occur


Autonomous irrigation system installed for table grapes growing. They are the largest grape growers in Israel
Monitoring of tangerine orchard. The system allows the farmers to make accurate decisions based on the stress of the fruit trees
Table grapes grower used the system for Autonomous irrigation
A cabbage farmer using our device on his field to optimize the irrigation cycle
A tomato farmer is irrigating and monitoring since 2019. Today it is changed to monitor and irrigate peppers for the client.
To monitor and irrigate Tomatoes inside a Canopy, was installed at the beginning of the growing season.
Using sensors to monitor the irrigation cycle of potato growth
Green Leafs grower. Fully autonomous, the farmers use it for the short drawing cycles of the crop in which irrigation decisions need to be made daily
Installed with Pineapple grower, fully autonomous mode. This is the 3rd year the system is directing irrigation for client with no human interaction
The system is operational under banana field. Helping the farmer to save water and make better irrigation decisions

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